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Rams are humanoid and sometimes even insectoid like models created on the concept of adaptabilty and specializes in transformation. Ram has the highest damage of the three Bots in and out of transformation, while also being able to transform the quickest through its TransSpeed and stay transformed for the longest through its TransGauge. A transformed Ram is the definition of a juggernaut on the battlefield and has very little weakness, but they are the most vulnerable of the BOTS outside of transformation due to having no true defensive abilities.


  • Ram Heads uniquely boost their SpecialTrans stat. A Ram that special-transforms into a Kowbat or a CodeRed can end entire games alone.
  • Ram Bodies uniquely boost their TransSpeed stat. With only one other item boosting their TransSpeed, Rams can transform instantly.
  • Ram Arms uniquely boost their TransGauge stat. Rams outlast the other BOTS by a long shot in their transformed state while being able to deal the most damage.



Outside of transformation, Rams do not excel at any role but do boast high base damage, allowing them to handle weaker enemies while they charge their transformation. Rams are generally considered the best BOT of the three at clearing large waves of enemies with their high damage transformations. Ram players can opt into running the Charge passive skill to essentially be transformed for entire runs.


Rams should try and trade as much damage as they can without chasing too far outside of transformation while they wait for their bar to fill up, then transform and chase their opponents down. They are very weak to Patches in PvP however, so it's best that they fight them outside of transformation in 1v1s.


Rams will typically play with the Charge passive skill and charge up safely on outskirts of battles or on the pillars near their own base. Rams typically run a 3/3 TD coin set and can further increase their bulk by using TD shield/shoudler or maximize their offensive potential by using TG shield/shoulder. Once transformed, Rams have the option to try and hunt down players or push mercenaries as they do great at either. If a transformed Ram finds a lone opposing player outside of transformation, they can deal devastating damage to them due to the small number of i-frames after being knocked down. Additionally, transformed Rams are capable of dealing significant damage to the opposing base if given the opportunity. The biggest weakness of Rams, however, is their vulnerability outside of transformation, especially while running the Charge skill. As such, Rams can be sitting ducks on defense when not transformed and can require substantial support from teammates. Their lack of speed can also make them slow to respond in emergencies.

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