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Texture Exporting

Here you'll find all you need to know in order to export the textures from the game. We're currently looking for Transformation Pack skins made by the community members. Have a skin accepted into the game to earn ObsidianDragon emblem (in addition to the 500 coins and the skin for free). You can submit your Transformation Pack skins over at our Discord in Forum Bots-Media -> Trans Skin Submissions.

Guide on exporting texture files

  1. Download and install XnView from https://www.xnview.com/en/
  2. Open the program and navigate to the Ohka BOTS directory. Texture files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ohka BOTS\data\models.
  3. Open your desired texture and export to PNG via File -> Export.
  4. Open the PNG file in your preferred editing software (Photoshop, GIMP, etc).
  5. Proceed with your modding.
  6. To save the file back in its original format, save it as PNG and change the extension to .ba0 (note that some models have two texture files, in such case the second texture would be saved as bb0). Place it back in the same folder.

Transformation Pack Texture Names

SuperKhanZ - tpk_010.ba0 and tpk_010.bb0
Dark-Knight - tpk_020.ba0 and tpk_020.bb0
Lady-Valor - tpk_030.ba0
GeneralScourge - tpk_040.ba0
DigiDragon - tpk_050.ba0
White-Knight - tpk_060.ba0 and tpk_060.bb0
DeathHunter - tpk_070.ba0 and tpk_070.bb0
Ice-Kong - tpk_080.ba0 and tpk_080.bb0
LanternMan - tpk_090.ba0 and tpk_090.bb0
Overrunner - tpk_100.ba0
RedTeam - tpk_140.ba0
Mega-BOT - tpk_160.ba0 and tpk_160.bb0
MartialLegend - tpk_170.ba0
LionMecha - tpk_180.ba0
DoubleBlade - tpk_190.ba0
Xabaras - tpk_200.ba0

Video Explaining Textures by GM Caustic

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