Purchase coins


Purchase tier rewards

To thank everyone supporting us through the beta, anyone who has bought coins will be rewarded items based on the total amount that they have spent. You can reach a higher tier by purchasing more coins. This will run until the full release.

The rewards will be handed out as packages for each tier. Sell each package to the shop for its contents.
Digidragon transformation pack
Tier 1
You receive...
50 game HP pack
50 game RB pack
Random 7-day augment
Lucky aura E.F
Tier 2
But also...
30 Day Lucky Aura
3 combination coupons
3 crafting coupons
CodeRed transformation pack
Tier 3
But also...
90 Day Transformation pack of your choice (redeemable coupon)
1,000 games II skills of your choice (redeemable coupon)
7 day Super Chernobyl mercenary
Blue mana wings
Tier 4
But also...
7 Day Kowbat Transformation pack
Exclusive Gold/Diamond Superkhanz transformation pack (redeemable coupon)
Blue mana wings
Tier 4.5
But also...
Another exclusive Gold/Diamond Superkhanz Transformation pack (redeemable coupon)

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2023-01-26 ∙ Astro 2.0.2