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To thank everyone supporting us through the beta, anyone who has bought coins will be rewarded items based on the total amount that they have spent. You can reach a higher tier by purchasing more coins. This will run until the full release.

The previous T4 Flags have now been permanently retired, and we are now releasing the first Eternal set (Bladium, Illuminum, Plasmodium) for this seasons rewards. Additionally, Tier 3 is now the final tier of the system, and we've made improvements to earlier tiers. The tier system has also been streamlined and no longer use commands.

The T3/T3+ Eternal armor will always automatically swap in your inventory to match your BOT type. Combining Eternal armor to +1 unlocks flashing and the ability to swap between default, red, and blue colored versions of the armor.

Digidragon transformation pack
Tier 1
You receive...
100 game HP pack
50 game RB pack
7 day lucky aura
Seasonal T1 emblem
Lucky aura E.F
Tier 2
And also...
30day Lucky aura
3 Crafting coupons
7 day Super chernobyl
CodeRed transformation pack
Tier 3
And also...
Negative/Sky block
1 superweapon (7day/100use)
Seasonal T3 emblem
Tier 3+
($200+, every $100)
And also...
Another Negative/Sky block
2 (+1 every 200$) Superweapon (7day/100use)


You can also support on on Patreon!

Supporting us on Patreon is an amazing way to show some love and support your childhood game! Pledging works as an automated monthly Coin purchase counting towards the seasonal Supporter Tier above, and you will also be allowed access into the Ohktagon, our primary Discord channel for communicating with us and giving us feedback on what we're working on where we make it. We'll be providing weekly roadmaps here to summarize what we're currently working on. We also plan to make in-game Emblems for Patreon supporters in the future!

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