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Purchasable in the shop for 300 Coins and lasts 7 Days. This pass gives you the following -

Increases EXP gain by +10% (100% in the SpaceStation Map)
Increases Gigas gain from all sources by +12.5% (70% in the SpaceStation Map)
Increases Crystal gain by +10%
Increases Bot-Stract gain by +20%
Increases Luck by +50
Daily Quest limit increased by +3
Daily Bot-Stract cap increased by +200 (800 -> 1000)
Access to the @autoready command
There might be some other benefits, if there's an Event taking place

InfernoPass BOT type: Any Item type: Coupon Req. Level: 0
Can be purchased for 300 Coins
Season pass for 1 week. Type @spinfo for all the Season Pass benefits!

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