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Crafting is used with Crafting Coupons & Combination Coupons to combine together Fragments to create full items. This is typically done with much rarer items in the endgame with endgame Energy Fields being the main example. For whatever item you need crafted, collect three of the same Fragments, place them into the combination menu of the My Info/Shop interface and combine them with a coupon to fully create the item you need. Its wiser to use Combination Coupons for XMOG'ing and Crafting Coupons for Fragments.


Combining also known as Transmogrification is the process of combining three +3 items to create a +4 item, giving it the maximum possible stats that part can get for its BOT type and having its level requirement changed to Lv 100. This system allows players to collect their favorite piece of armor and power it up to the point it can be used for all content. Elite items only need to be combined once for them to Transmogrify and match the stats of a Lv95+3 set. Battlemesh items can't be XMOGGED. Transmogrification is also referred to as XMOG. XMOGGED pieces flash blue so that they can easily be spotted as XMOGGED and not a random low level set.

The coupons

Combination BOT type: Any Item type: Coupon Req. Level: 0
Can be purchased for 550 Coins
Combine 3 of the same type parts to increase the (+) option by 1 rank
Crafting Coupon BOT type: Any Item type: Coupon Req. Level: 0
Can be purchased for 15,000 Gigas
Craft new items by combining 3 of the same type crafting parts.

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