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Virus Assault

Virus Assault is playable in Base vs Base rooms by selecting the Port Assault maps across the four difficulties. You may only play with up to four players and they must all be on the blue team, no players may play on the red team. Bring your team of up to four players with two mercenaries each against an elite squad of Viruses. The goal is to destroy the Virus commander while defending your Base. Players, mercenaries and Viruses (other than the commander) endlessly respawn after a set time. Each Virus is balanced with its own respawn timer.

Enemy squads are tuned to work well together and fulfill different roles in their team.

Currently, Corrupted Chernobyl can be considered the most powerful enemy in the game with extremely high damage, area of effect and invincibility during frequent special attacks.

Experience & Rewards

There are four difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard & Corrupted) with EXP increasing by the difficulty of the map, amount of time spent in the map and enemies defeated per map completion. BOT-Stract is rewarded upon match completion and players have a chance to earn Battlemesh upon victory.

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