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Player vs Player

PvP is where you test your skills & power against other players' BOTS. PvP features a variety of interactive maps that include trains, elevators, electrical walls, shattering glass platforms, moving terrain and more.

The aim of the mode is to destroy all enemy players. PvP is playable in free-for-all mode or team battle mode.

PvP used to have a chance to award Battlemesh armor pieces when you completed matches. For now, only BOT-Stract is awarded upon completing matches and is capped at 800 Bot-Stract per day (1000 with Season Pass). Bot-Stract can be used in the PvP Shop - PvP Sets, Energy Fields, Transformation Packs, Elite Scraps.

PvP Modifiers

To use these PvP Modifiers, please type @pvpmods help in a PvP room for full details

Instant Trans - Start the game in Trans mode and stay there the entire game
One Hit KO Mode - Everyone starts the game with 1 HP
Gun One Hit KO Mode - Everyone starts the game with max Ranged Attack value
Infinite Ammo - All guns will never run out of ammo using this mod
Speed Modifier - Everyone in the game will have their Speed value changed to the specified value (Max 10,000)

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