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Emblems are achievements that once unlocked can be displayed in-game and on your Profile for other players to see. Use Commands @checkemblems to see the list of emblems that you've unlocked and @changeemblem <number> to change your currently displayed emblem.


List of Emblems and the necessary achievement to unlock them;

Default Patch - Log in for the first time.
Ganda - Kill 1,000 enemies.
CodeRed - Kill 2,500 enemies.
Melissa - Kill 5,000 enemies.
Kowbat - Kill 15,000 enemies.
Vandor - Kill 75,000 enemies.
Xabaras - Kill 200,000 enemies.
Spike EMT - Play 10 PvP games.
Base - Play 10 BvB games.
Crashbolt - Kill 100 players in PvP.
RedTeam - Kill 300 players in PvP.
SuperKhanZ - Kill 1,000 players in PvP.
EchoForce - Kill 50 players in BvB.
Barbarian - Kill 150 players in BvB.
Sharps - Kill 400 players in BvB.
Boza - Kill 100 mercs in BvB.
Collector - Kill 300 mercs in BvB.
Arsenal - Kill 1,000 mercs in BvB.

Custom Emblems

Unlike normal emblems, custom emblems are awarded manually, therefore making them rarer and harder to earn.
List of Custom Emblems and the necessary task to unlock them;


Have a skin accepted into the game to earn this emblem (in addition to the 500 coins and the skin for free).


Earned by those who have actively contributed to our Wiki at some point.

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