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Patches were originally construction machinery re-fashioned for combat. Patches sport the highest health of the BOTS and are fitted to deal the most damage to bosses and transformed enemies while taking reduced damage from them. Patches specialize in the Uppercut skill due to their jump height being the lowest of the three BOTS when using the ability, meaning they are able to activate the skill far more often - giving them a very unique playstyle outside of transformation to the other classes.


  • Patch Heads uniquely boost their Critical stat. Patches can easily reach the Critical limit without needing to build into it.
  • Patch Bodies uniquely boost their TransAttack stat. Outside of transformation, Patches deal the most damage to bosses, bases and transformed players with their attacks.
  • Patch Arms uniquely boost their TransDefense stat. If a Patch builds any outside source of TransDefense, they can easily become completely immune to damage from bosses and transformed players.



A Patch can easily push enemies off of edges with their critical stat and take down bosses the easiest. Patches can only deal with large groups of enemies while transformed, which disables their Critical, TransAttack and TransDefense boosts. Due to this, they're at their best in maps with large numbers of bosses - or particularly difficult ones to defeat.


Due to their high non-transformation based stats, Patch players will very rarely want to transform in PvP as they will inflict serious damage against transformed players and receive very little. Patches want to find good positions play somewhat defensively due to their lack of mobility, forcing players to try and take them head-on with their extra health and fast Uppercuts.


Patches are classically played using the Uppercut active skill, 3/3 TA coin set, TD shield/shoulder, and 2 Nimbas. When combined with a 3/3 TA coin set, Uppercut from Patches can deal devastating damage to the enemy base. Nimbas in particular complement this style of play since they can move quickly and have low sense_area and pursuit_area values, allowing them to easily reach the enemy base without needing to clear opposing mercenaries. Once at the enemy base, Nimbas provide crucial extra chip damage and "shield" Patches, making them more difficult to push. As such, Patches are always looking for an opening to exploit and have unrivaled power when given the opportunity.

Defensively, Patches classically run TD shield/shoulder to ensure that opposing transformed opponents cannot deal large amounts of damage via frame trapping. Since Patches have the highest base HP, this can potentially allow them to live for long periods of time to deal chip damage against transformed opponents, so long as they avoid being pushed.

It is important to note Patches can also benefit from transforming in BvB, as the extra knockback while transformed is useful for defending the base and pushing mercenaries. Furthermore, Patches can transform to temporarily increase their running speed, which enables them to take advantage of openings they would not have otherwise.

However, Patches have a couple fundamental weaknesses. First, Patches are slow and unable to rushpush opponents since using Uppercut is a requirement to maximize damage output. As a result, Patches have less defensive utility in certain situations, especially emergencies. Second, Patches are especally vulnerable to being pushed. This is because Patches are typically either trying to directly attack the enemy base (which is surroudned by holes) or are trying to harass transformed opponents, who can easily push Patches if they are careless.

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