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Sector is the cooperated story-based PvE mode of Ohka BOTS where players take on the Viruses threatening to consume Cyberspace. Bring a team of up to 8 players, with each player adding to the health pool of the Viruses. There are over 30 Sector maps with varying enemies and loot to collect. In Sector, you are able to summon your first-slot mercenary to assist you if you have bought one for Coins or unboxed a mercenary's coin version. You can defeat Viruses by reducing their health to zero or by pushing them off of edges, making some maps more ideal for either playstyle. Elite maps are modified versions of other maps with increased difficulty and drop chances.


Bosses & minibosses can drop -

  • Armors
  • Mini-Bots / Guns / Energy Fields
  • Shields / Shoulders
  • Goldbars (sellable to the shop for Coins)
  • Junk items (sellable to the shop for extra Gigas)
  • Craftables
  • Elite Lootboxes (sellable to the shop for random Elite parts)

Box drop / Loot rework

Boxes no longer drop. Bosses and minibosses now roll a random amount of items and the game distributes it to players based on contribution. The amount of potential items the boss can roll is based on room size. @passbox allows you to forfeit your roll for the box ID.

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