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import Card from "component:helpers/IconStuff/Card.astro"

Skins System

Our skins system is a never-before-seen feature amongst BOTS servers. Skins come as coupons that need to be activated. Skins can be obtained in various ways, some can be purchased from the shop and some only drop from playing. Note that you can Use the coupon, but you need to own the permanent version of the item, in order to Swap to one of its available skins. Most skin coupons share the same icon, but there are some exceptions.

Use Button

The Use button can be found in My Info & Shop.

To activate an item, select an item in your inventory and then click Use and the item will be consumed. Currently used for skin items listed below.

SCRAP boxes will be moved to this feature soon!

Swap System

The Swap button can be found in the My Info screen. You can use this system to swap back and forth between skins! Selecting an item and clicking Swap will open a menu letting you change it out with other item variants you've unlocked.

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