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Gigas are the primary free-to-play currency in Ohka BOTS, used to purchase various items from the shop and frequently used in trades between players. Gigas are passively earned by playing matches in any game mode as well as by selling your loot to the shop.


Coins are a special type of currency used to buy many gear items, transformation packs, coupons and much more. Coins are the premium currency of Ohka BOTS and can be purchased here: https://ohkabots.ohkaspace.com/Shop/

Additionally, Coins can be earned in-game via selling Goldbars to the shop. Goldbars drop in Sector and BvB modes.


BOT-Stract is used to purchase unique gear from the BOT-Stract shop. It is earnable in PvP, BvB & Virus Assault at a cap of 800 per day, increaseable by Season Passes.


Crystals are picked up and earned from destroying Viruses in Strikes & Survival maps. They drop in a light blue form in Strikes and can only be seen by the player that can pick them up. Crystals can be used to purchase Legendary Items and Augments alongside other currencies, and can also be used to purchase powerful temporary items from the Crystal Trader, a rotational set of items that can include ultra-rares.

Quest Points

Quest Points are earned from story and daily Quests and are used to purchase convenience items such as Consumables, Lucky Aura's and more.

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