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This coupon unlocks Preset Slots. They let you save and load item sets! Here are examples of how to use the new commands:
@itemset save 1 Saves your current equipment (armor, gear, skill packs, etc.) as item set 1
@itemset 1 Automatically searches your inventory, stash, elite stash, and currently loaded extra stash for the items in item set 1, and equips them if they are all found.
@itemset name 1 Standard Assigns the name "Standard" to item set 1
@itemset names Displays a list of your saved item sets and their names
For all of these commands, @set can be used as a shortcut, instead of @itemset. You can purchase up to 5 presets!

PresetSlot BOT type: Any Item type: Coupon Req. Level: 0
Can be purchased for 200 Coins
Each purchase adds an additional item preset available for use with the @itemset command. Max 5.

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