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Armor Sets

Basic armor sets consists of head, body and arms and can be purchased from the shop but are more commonly looted while playing Sector.

Upgrading your armor is the primary way to power-up your BOT, as each piece upgrades a fundamental stat - HP on head pieces, transformed base damage on body pieces and base damage on arm pieces. Patch heads give the highest health and Ram bodies and arms give the most damage.

Armor can provide additional bonuses that depend on the BOT type the armor was made for, which are increased by the armor's upgrade level (+0, +1, +2, +3, +4). +0 is what comes from the shop, and +1-3 drops from play. +4 is Transmogrification, armor with the maximum Stats available for that BOTS slot with a level 100 requirement. As the + of a gear increases, so does its rarity. Some armors are +0 but still hold maximum Stats per piece.

You can upgrade your armor by using a Combination Coupon which can be found in endgame Sector maps, bought from the shop or earned from Quests. Upgrading armor requires placing three identical pieces of armor (including +) into the combination menu found in the shop or My Info section and consuming a Combination Coupon to upgrade them to the next level. An example of this would be combining three Spiker +2 bodies to create a Spiker +3 body.

As mentioned above, the bonus stat an armor piece offers is based on the BOT type. Here's a list of all of the bonus stats upgraded armor pieces offer.


  • Head - Critical Strike Chance
  • Body - TransAttack, minor Speed boost
  • Arm - TransDefense, minor RangeAttack boost


  • Head - Evade
  • Body - Speed, minor TransSpeed boost
  • Arm - RangeAttack


  • Head - SpecialTrans
  • Body - TransSpeed, minor Speed boost
  • Arm - TransGauge, minor RangeAttack boost

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