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Delves is a new game mode available to all levels! Everytime you press the start button, the game will generate a random map, with random enemies that scale to the player regardless of level, and regardless of gear. The types of enemies the game spawns, as well as the hp and damage of the enemies are generated based on the highest leveled player in the room. Delves can be played in two ways - Normal mode or Delve Streams. While playing Streams, every successful map completion in a row will increase enemy HP by 5% and enemy damage by 10%

Experience & Rewards

XP is generated based on damage and participation.
Not doing enough damage results in half the XP.
Map Gigas are generated based on the hp of the enemies you kill, this is the gigas that is obtained for map completion, and is a small amount compared to the value obtained from drops.
Both of these increase passively as delve stream streak gets higher.
XP/hr is intended to be similar to strikes.

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