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Here you'll find both soundtracks, new one that comes with Ohka BOTS installation and the old soundtrack from OG BOTS!! Note that the Ohka BOTS one is only to replace the songs from the OG Soundtrack. (Mera, Strikes, Inferno not included)!

Installation guide

  1. Download one of the soundtrack archives.
  2. Select and extract the sounds to your computer.
  3. Navigate to Ohka BOTS sound folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Ohka BOTS\sound by default.
  4. Copy and paste the extracted songs to this folder and click Replace the files in the destination
  5. Launch Ohka BOTS and enjoy!

Ohka BOTS Soundtrack

To download Ohka BOTS Soundtrack click here!

OG BOTS Soundtrack

To download OG BOTS Soundtrack click here!

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