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Guilds are social groups for people who want to have fun while playing Ohka BOTS together! You need to be at least Level 30 and hold at least 10,000 Gigas in order to create a Guild. Guild name has to be at least 4 characters long. Membership is by invitation or application only, there is no minimum level requirement to join. As a member of a guild you can easily chat with other guild members and find friends for our Multi-Player content. All guilds have one Guild Leader, who may assign a Co-Leader. Guilds start out with 10 member slots, it can be upgraded to 20 slots. Guild members gain Guild Points from completing various PvE modes. Guilds have a ranking page, TOP Guilds are determined by the amount of total Guild Points. We also have a Guild Point tracker, which tracks each members Weekly and Monthly gained Guild Points. Weekly tracker resets every Monday whilst Monthly resets on the 1st of every Month. There's also an additional party bonus xp of 2% for every other Guild Member in the room including yourself.

Guild Upgrades

Expand-Guild BOT type: Any Item type: Coupon Req. Level: 0
Can be purchased for 66,500 Gigas or 350 Coins
Only guild masters can buy this item. Once bought, your guild will have 5 more slots. (max 20)

Guild Points Reward Table

Amount of Guild Points rewarded upon clearing each Sector map.

MapGP Reward
[Lv1]Training Camp12
[Lv3]Training Ring14
[Lv5]Mine Entrance17
[Lv8]ELITE Mine Entrance22
[Lv10]Data Mine20
[Lv12]Into the Mines21
[Lv15]HeatCORE I22
[Lv17]HeatCORE II23
[Lv18]ELITE HeatCORE30
[Lv20]X Entrance26
[Lv22]X Escape26
[Lv28]ELITE X Entrance34
[Lv32]Macro Storage29
[Lv35]Macro Dock26
[Lv38]ELITE Micro37
[Lv40]Macro Passage31
[Lv45]Main Core30
[Lv48]ELITE Macro Passage40
[Lv50]Main Core Escape32
[Lv55]Clear the Ship32
[Lv58]ELITE Main Core41
[Lv60]Treasure Depot27
[Lv68]ELITE Ship Escape43
[Lv70]Escape the Deck34
[Lv78]ELITE Sink the Ship45
[Lv80]Upper Hackenn35
[Lv88]ELITE Jungle of Death49
[Lv90]Lower Hackenn41
[Lv95]Hackenn Core44
[Lv98]ELITE Hackenn Core67
[Lv100]Return to Macro75
[Lv100]Mera Mountain131
[Lv100]Mera Battlefields144
[Lv100]Mera Lab Entrance171

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