Designed for mobility in combat, Surges become extremely fast and deadly as they grow more powerful. They may have the lowest health and base damage of the BOTS, but they deal the most ranged damage, excel at pushing due to their speed and can attack enemies with the least amount of risk when piloted well. Surges excel in various areas, such as maps that where they can push enemies or gun down key targets. They are a nuisance in PvP & Base due to being hard to catch and can be untouchable when mastered.


  • Surge Heads uniquely boost their Evade stat. Surges can occasionally dodge so many attacks in a row that they might have been destroyed had they been another BOT.
  • Surge Bodies uniquely boost their Speed stat. A powerful Surge zooms around the battlefield, dictating when and where the fight takes place.
  • Surge Arms uniquely boost their RangedAttack stat. For what they lack in melee damage, Surges make up for in firepower.



Surges may feel difficult to less experienced players due to their base damage being the lowest of the BOTS, however with their speed they are able to manipulate the Viruses movement much easier than the other classes. Surges can zoom from edge to edge, bringing Viruses to an easy push before racing to the next area. They also deal significant damage to key targets with their guns, so they must choose when to use their limited ammo wisely.


Surges are masters of the hit-and-run combat style and thus prediction and careful timing is needed to deal with them in PvP. A good Surge will knock their enemies down and be gone before there’s a chance of retaliation, and repeat this until their opponents are worn down into kill range.


Surges take on the role of being a nuisance and pushing enemy mercenaries in Base mode due to their speed and being hard to lock down. They can spec into TransDefense and be extremely hard to take down or into TransGauge to become massive threats while transformed, becoming mercenary-killing machines. They can also deal decent damage to enemy bases with their guns if they can hold good positioning for long enough. A Surge doesn’t really have great weaknesses in Base, but can only excel at a few roles when played masterfully - else they will simply be using their speed to glide into quicker deaths.

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