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Login is a small room surrounded by electric fencing with no edges. Jumping or being knocked into the fencing deals damage and a large knockback.

Power Generator

Power Generator is a large map with a train circling the outside areas which can be boarded by players. Building platforms which are otherwise inaccessible can be reached by riding the train. Additionally, the train deals noticeable damage to players if they fall into it or are hit by it head-on.

Neo Data Cross

Neo Data Cross is a large map, situated in the air and mostly made up of small bridges connecting the map. There are many gaps that must be jumped to navigate the area, which also means there are many opportunities to push enemies.


Heatsink is made up of two platforms and two elevators that are surrounded by lava. The elevators are attached to each platform and go up and down, allowing players to board one elevator, ride up and hop down to the opposite platform. The platforms and elevators each have their own area from left-to-right and are segregated by lava, but the gap can be jumped by a BOT with enough speed.


Flop is the most competitive 1v1 map in Ohka BOTS due to pushing being very difficult unless players choose to fight near the edges. Flop is made up of signs and cliffs of varying heights.


Holodeck is made up of platforms and breakable glass, making it a very chaotic map where you will rarely see a player defeat another outside of pushing. The glass has three stages of health and loses health when landed on by any player, cracking and then completely shattering after a short delay once its health has run out. The glass takes one damage when an untransformed player lands on it in any fashion, and two damage from transformed players.

New Transistor Valley

A newer version of the classic Transistor Valley map, this map is slightly bigger and has more fighting area on the side of the tracks


X-Change is a treadmill-like platform that can change directions based on players attacking button mechanisms controlling the treadmill. On either side of the treadmill is a large fish-shaped contraption that vaccuums inward, sucking players that get too close into an instant death.

Hackenn City

The largest map in Ohka BOTS, Hackenn City is the rebuilt Hackenn Core. The map has jumping platforms and is surrounded by lava.


Stardeck is a reskin of the BvB map Aerodeck. This map is floating in the sky, so falling off the edge is certain death.

New Core Dump

A newer version of the classic Core Dump map, it has more movable cores and more space in general, making it bigger than the original map. See Old Core Dump for more information.

Old Data Cross

Replaced by the newer map - Neo Data Cross, this classic map is smaller with only one bridge available. Can still be played in PvP.

Old Transistor Valley

Replaced by the newer map, this map was very narrow making the fights very intense. It's easier to push someone under the train in this map making it more fast-paced. Can still be played in PvP.

Old Core Dump

The Core Dump is a room made up of objects (Cores) that can be attacked to be sent sliding across the room. The power in an attack determines how quickly and how far a Core moves. Cores deal damage to whatever they touch when moving, whether that be a player or another Core - bumping them as well.

Mera Mountains

Originally found in BvB mode, this map has been ported over and now is playable in PvP mode.

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