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In the far future of Cyberspace, life has ceased to exist. For many millennia, only robotics and computers inhabit the universe - robotics with the sole function to endlessly explore and clean up the corners of the cosmos.

As machines furthered their development of Cyberspace, they adapted to its needs. Space travel, mining, construction - whatever necessary to carry on their programmed duties.

With new machines being built and programmed and more of Cyberspace being explored and repaired, more data began to corrupt and spread throughout Cyberspace, quickly becoming a breeding ground for the Viruses.

Viruses seek only to consume all of the remaining Sectors and infect all of Cyberspace, destroying what parts they cannot.

You are a newly assembled Bot, a machine capable of unlimited power through upgrades and transformation. Bots were originally peaceful worker programs that have been re-purposed to combat the grave threat of the Viruses swallowing Cyberspace whole.

Take your first step into the corrupted Sectors and begin carving your way through the Virus hordes. Gain power through various upgrades, customize your Bot battle alongside and against other Bots in the war for Cyberspace.


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