Overclocking is the games prestige system that allows you to reset your level back to 1 from 100 with an upgrade from the shop. Each time you Overclock, you gain increasing XP & Luck bonuses up to a cap of five upgrades. Past that, there is no limit to how many times you choose to Overclock.

You can Overclock further to access more powerful items in the Overclock shop, including powerful mercenaries and transformations as well as quality-of-life items such as long-term skill packs, discounted health/rebirth packs and upgrades that automatically sell the more common items as you find them. Overclocked players can wear items without level restrictions and can go back and level through all of the early and midgame maps, like a New Game+.

Overclock Shop

Here are the items you can buy from the Overclock shop ranked from the lowest to the highest OC level requirement.


Enables toggling obtaining parts from other BOT types. Overclock 1.


Enables toggling automatically selling non-rare parts at the end of a game. Overclock 3.

Combination Coupon

Discounted in the Overclock shop. Overclock 5.

Transformation Coupon

Discounted in the Overclock shop. Overclock 5.

1,000 Game Active Skills

Rush II, Uppercut II and Ion Wave II are all available for 1,000 games. Overclock 5.

1,000 Game Passive Skills

Charging II, CounterAttack II and Mobility Boost are all available for 1,000 games. Overclock 5.

30 Day Lucky Aura

Overclock 5.

Bubbleboy Mercenary

Overclock 8.

100 Game HP Pack

Discounted in the Overclock shop. Overclock 10.

Jewel Armor

Diamond Bladium and Ruby Illuminum sets are currently available for a high amount of gigas at Overclock 10.

Chernobyl Mercenary

Overclock 15.

CodeRed Transformation

Overclock 20.

Kowbat Transformation

Overclock 50.

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