Ohka Pup

The Ohka Pup joins you from a young age in a white or black variant and will grow in power and size as you earn EXP while you have it equipped. The Ohka Pup has simple attacks but is quick to act and is more intelligent than most standard mercenaries. It will start out very weak, but will grow powerful over time.

The pup specializes in taking down bosses at later levels, boasting the highest TransDefense of any mercenary in the game - however it is easily overwhelmed due to its lack of speed.

Purchase the PupUpgrade from the specials tab in the shop to level up your pup once it has gained enough experience. Check your pups exp with the @dogexp command in the lobby. Levelling up your pup resets its EXP to zero. Your pup must be in the first mercenary slot to gain experience.

To retrieve the Ohka Pup, special map Hound Rescue at the bottom of the Sector map list - which can only be played when you don’t have a pup. You must defeat the pup variant you’d like, either the stray black pup or the stray white pup. You can only ever have one Ohka Pup at one time.

The Ohka Pup grows to be very powerful once it reaches its max level of 10. If you sell your Ohka Pup, you may play the Hound Rescue map again to find a new one. This can be done in case you want to re-level your pup or swap its breed.

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