Mercenaries are friendly robots deployed into combat to assist BOTS in Sector, Base & Virus Assault modes. They are all fairly effective in Sector and are mostly distinguishable by their designs, however there are some Ohka BOTS exclusive mercenaries that are more powerful in PvE modes. However, in Base mode, all mercenaries bring different strengths, weaknesses, styles and canister drops - making the choice on what mercenaries to bring in Base an important one.

Special mercenaries

Chernobyl - 325,000 Gigas & Overclock Level 15. PvE only.

BubbleBoy - 135,000 Gigas & Overclock Level 8. PvE only.

Ohka Hound - Quest reward. Grows with experience from Level 1 to 10.

Mercenary Summaries in Base

This section will summarize information about the mercenaries including their permanent costs, however it must be noted that mercenaries abilities are further defined by their positioning and player support.


Aeron is a simple melee mercenary used mostly for canister drops.

  • Community Rating: D Tier
  • 70% TransUp Canister, 30% HP Canister


Arsenal’s deal massive damage to transformed players and enemy bases due to firing three bullets and the first being unable to “knock down” a transformed player or base and the other two shots having the chance to stack damage. Arsenal’s are very easy to kill however, so they benefit from being positioned with other mecenaries. They excel at base defense as they need to be focused down by attacking players. When positioned in the first slot of a team, they are positioned directly in front of their own base, giving them the ability to fire at attacking players that managed to sneak past them.

  • Community Rating: A Tier
  • 70% Ammo Canister, 10% HP Canister, 20% TransUp Canister


Towering over its enemies and able to fire off an extremely fast special ranged attack, Barbarians comfortably fulfil the role of being a stable defensive and offensive mercenary on a team.

  • Community Rating: B Tier
  • 40% TransUp Canister, 30% HP Canister


Small, fast-attacking and extremely unpredictable, Boza’s are very hard for players to deal with and are among the best defending mercenaries.

  • Community Rating: A Tier
  • 20% TransUp Canister, 5% HP Canister


Collector is unfortunately slow and easy to push, making it not so great in most situations against more skilled players. It does pack an extremely powerful ranged special attack though, and if it can ever get to a base and use this special attack it will inflict significant damage.

  • Community Rating: C Tier
  • 30% TransUp Canister, 30% HP Canister, 30% Ammo Canister


CrimsonKnightis a simple melee mercenary used mostly for canister drops.

  • Community Rating: D Tier
  • 30% TransUp Canister, 80% HP Canister


EchoForce is a simple melee mercenary used mostly for canister drops.

  • Community Rating: D Tier
  • 20% TransUp Canister, 80% HP Canister


While being one of the more intelligent mercenaries, it’s one of the more easy to push.

  • Community Rating: C Tier
  • 70% TransUp Canister, 10% HP Canister


MiniTank is one of the most powerful mercenaries, being decent at defense and features special attacks that give it long periods of invulnerability. If a MiniTank is escorted to an enemy base, it is able to deal the highest amount of damage possible of all sources in the game when using its special rotating laser attack that additionally grants it invulnerability. Because of this, MiniTanks are extremely highly valued and are often somewhat restricted in competitive play. With all that being said, however, MiniTanks take good game knowledge and great positioning from its user to actually make it to enemy bases.

  • Community Rating: S Tier
  • 30% Ammo Canister


An extremely unique mercenary, Nimbas boast having the highest speed of the mercenaries paired with the lowest sight. Sometimes in Base mode, low sight on a mercenary is good and the Nimba shows exactly why - they will sprint with their user along its path and ignore all enemies in its path unless directly intercepted, making them amazing offensive mercenaries - this makes them a great pairing with an offensive Patch player. They are relatively easy to take down and their low sight means they will not see attacks on the bases coming, making them weak defenders.

  • Community Rating: A Tier
  • 20% TransUp Canister


OpsTeam boasts the highest health of any mercenary, making them excel at stalling enemy mercenaries or surviving for long periods of time in the battlefield. OpsTeam also has the lowest attack speed of the mercenaries, which is both a good and bad thing - if an enemy team sends their mercenaries hoping to sacrifice them for canister drops, your OpsTeams in the middle will infinitely stall those mercenaries, preventing any drops for the enemy team. They must be carefully watched for health drops however, as they are easy to push when defending.

  • Community Rating: A Tier
  • 50% HP Canister


Great at fighting other mercenaries with their ranged attacks and high health, but other than that they great for canisters.

  • Community Rating: B Tier
  • 10% TransUp Canister, 60% HP Canister


Currently rivalling MiniTank, Sharps is the greatest player-killing mercenary in the game. Sharps has low sight - allowing it to resist player attempts at luring - as well as critical hits on its attacks, often scoring massive knockbacks onto unsuspecting players and sending them straight into the holes that players were attempting to push them into. Sharps also has a short i-frame counterattack, making it resistant to combination attacks.

  • Community Rating: S Tier
  • 10% TransUp Canister, 20% HP Canister


Shurikenis a simple melee mercenary used mostly for canister drops.

  • Community Rating: D Tier
  • 70% TransUp Canister, 30% HP Canister


Wazzu acts as an alternative to Arsenal, lacking the triple-bullets but packing a more powerful singular shot. They lack the burst damage against targets that can’t be knocked down but can deal more damage to untransformed enemies and are generally harder to notice than Arsenal’s as well.

  • Community Rating: B
  • 20% TransUp Canister, 10% HP Canister, 70% Ammo Canister

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