1. Download the executable.
  2. Run it.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen.
  4. Find OhkaPatcher.exe (should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ohka BOTS folder)
  • Currently Ohka BOTS is not added to the start menu, so locating it through the file explorer is the only way!
  1. Run OhkaPatcher.exe
  2. Wait for a confirmation box to appear
  • If you do not see one after ~15 seconds, make sure that there are no windows covering it.
  1. Re-open the file

You can now create a shortcut to your desktop for easier launching.


As many of you will soon notice, certain Antivirus programs (especially Microsoft’s Windows Defender) don’t like some files in our game. Namely, they believe ohka.dat, ohkapatcher.exe and ohkapatcher.dmy to be malicious files. In truth this is a false-positive result as these files modify an active process in the memory - the game itself - and any antivirus will believe that this is a threat. Be sure to make backups of these files, or re-run the installer again, after you have excluded the folder.
The way to go around this (apart from deactivating your Antivirus - which we don’t recommend), is adding the game folder to the exception list of your Antivirus. You can find detailed steps on Google or below:

How to exclude on windows defender.
How to exclude on Avast.

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