Base vs Base

Base vs Base is the premier competitive mode for Ohka BOTS. Two teams of red & blue are pitted against each other and must destroy the enemy teams base. Each BOT type, transformation pack and mercenary are used in unique ways to accomplish this goal. Destroying bases can award Goldbars and completing matches awards BOT-Stract and has a chance of rewarding Battlemesh.

Base vs Base can be played with up to 8 players with 4 on a team and each may bring 2 mercenaries each. Each player and mercenary have 5 lives each, which can lead to long strategic games.

The bases can defend themselves to a degree, but not very well - they fire low damage lasers in an area, but are helpless when actually being attacked. Base health is made up of barss of 40%, 20%, 20%, 20%. A base will regenerate its health up to its highest bar available and players will respawn with their health matching their bases health percentage, meaning if deplete the bases health by 15% it can still regenerate to full - but deplete it by 20% and it won’t regenerate past that, and all players and mercenaries on that bases team will spawn with 20% less health.

BOT types in particular have to utilize their specializations to have maximum impact on a game. Here’s a short list of examples.

  • Patches can deal the most damage to the enemy base outside of transformation and build into taking minimum damage from transformed players. A Patch is easily pushed while attacking the enemy base outside of transformation though, so they will generally require support from their team when going on the offense.
  • Surges are the best BOT of the three at killing mercenaries. Their speed allows them to easily lure enemy mercenaries near edges and flee from defending players.
  • Rams cause the most havoc on the field when they’re transformed of any of the bots, due to dealing the most damage while transformed and remaining transformed for the longest time. They can bully lone untransformed players easily and deal decent damage to bases and mercenaries. Due to these strengths, Rams are generally vulnerable outside of transformation and need support or good positioning to stay alive.


Outpost Guevada

Port Battle

Snow Mera Mountains

Silicon Borders

Aquaden Dock

Industrobe Plains

Industrobe Plains is the premier most competitive base map of the mode and is designed with every strength and weakness of BOTS and mercenaries in mind, featuring walls, platforms of various levels and many edges to throw your enemies into.

Joystik Arena


Possible Drops

BvB S.C.R.A.P. BOT type: Any Item type: Coupon Req. Level: 0
Secured Container of Recycled Assorted Parts. Sell to shop to receive the item inside!

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