Skill Packs

Skill packs add abilities to your BOT in a variety of ways allowing you to personalize your playstyle. The first form they come in is the blue Active skills, which unlock a variety of damaging abilities when pressing X+C. The others are pink Passive skills. Skill packs can be bought from the shop for up to 100 games but higher game versions can be unlocked through the Overclock shop and event rewards. They come in I and II forms, with II forms being much more effective. II skills are more costly and are banned in PvP and Base. Here’s a list of the skill packs effects.

Active Skills

  • Rush - Charge forward, dealing damage in a line. You can also reposition enemy players when Rushing downed bodies.
  • Uppercut - Launch upwards, dealing damage in front and above you.
  • Ion Wave - Slam the ground, dealing damage in a 360 radius around you. Jump beforehand for a greater area of effect.
  • Guard Crush - Repeatedly attack in front of you with strikes that cannot be blocked while stationary. Guard Crush can permanently stun weaker monsters, but has very little area of effect and cannot be spammed against Bots or boss Viruses.
  • Stun Attack - Charge up and deal damage in front of you, stunning whatever enemy you damage.

Passive Skills

  • Counter Attack - While blocking, you are invincible to damage in the direction you are facing and launch a small counter attack when you block an attack, dealing damage in front of you. Counter Attack can critically strike. Enemies who would be able to kill you through your block will also kill you through your Counter Attack, so keep that in mind when your health is low.
  • Charge - Hold Z to charge up your transformation bar.
  • Break-Fall - Decreases time knocked down.
  • Shock-Absorb - Decreases time stunned.
  • Super-Brake - Increase halt speed.
  • Smart-Defense - Grants the ability to rotate your Bots direction while blocking.
  • Mobility Boost (Coin skill) - Includes Break-Fall, Shock-Absorb, Smart-Defense and Super-Break in one skill.

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