Skill Packs

Skill packs add abilities to your BOT in a variety of ways allowing you to personalize your playstyle. The first form they come in is the blue Active skills, which unlock a variety of damaging abilities when pressing X+C. The others are pink Passive skills. Skill packs can be bought from the shop for up to 100 games but higher game versions can be unlocked through the Overclock shop and event rewards. They come in I and II forms, with II forms being much more effective. II skills are more costly and are banned in PvP and Base. Here’s a list of the skill packs effects.

Active Skills

Rush Regular active
With this skill, your BOT boosts forward in a rushing attack, knocking down any enemies in the way.
Upper-cut Regular active
When enemies are attacking from above, your BOT can use this skill to jump up and intercept them.
Ion-Wave Regular active
It knocks away enemies around 360 degrees with a powerful attack.
Guard-Crush Regular cupon
This skill allows your BOT to break through blocking enemies.
Stun-Attack Regular active
When hit enemies get stunned for a while.

Passive Skills

Counterattack Regular passive
Automatically launches a counter attack when being hit.
Charging Regular passive
When equipped press Z to charge the transform gauge quickly. (only works before transform)
Break-fall Regular passive
This passive skill allows your BOT to jump right back up after being knocked down.
Shock-Absorb Regular passive
This skill increases your BOT'S reaction time while attacked, giving you a chance to counter or run.
Super-Brake Regular passive
This skill increases the braking power of your BOT after running, shortening recovery time.
SmartDefense Regular passive
When attacks are coming from everywhere, this skill lets you change direction while blocking.
MobilityBoost Regular passive
Includes Break-fall, Shock-Absorb, SmartDefense & SuperBrake

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