Consumables are made up of supportive items that you can buy from the shop or find single-use versions that activate when you pick them up during play.


You can activate your shop consumables by pressing G in Sector only. You can buy health and rebirth packs from the shop at various prices, and at a discounted rate from the Overclock shop.

HP-Pack Regular pack
Recovers 100% of HP when using HP pack during sector mode.
RevivalPack Regular pack
If used in Sector Mode, you will revive at the starting location.


These are the single-use droppable versions of Consumables and they currently only drop in Sector and Base. They can be found defeating specific enemies in Sector or breaking special crates, whereas in Base they drop when specific mercenaries die at the spawn point of the mercenary. These rates are balanced by mercenary and can be found in the Mercenaries section.

EMP(Sector only)

Emit a shockwave that will knockdown and stun nearby Viruses.

Ammo Recharge

Gain ammo for your gun based on the gun you have equipped.


Fill your transformation bar. When picked up while already transformed, your transformation is refilled and prolonged.


Upon touching the item, the health of the player who touched the HP Up pack is completely restored.

Bomb (Sector only)

Cause an explosion that deals heavy damage to nearby Viruses

Rebirth (Sector only)

Restore the health of all players on your team globally and resurrect dead players at your position.

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