Chat commands

List of all commands currently avalible:

  • @namechange <name> Change your in-game name (requires Name Changer coupon)
  • @linkdiscord (See Account linking)
  • @passbox Do not collect certain item “boxes”
    • @passbox <boxtype> If you get the item box <boxtype>, give it to someone else instead
    • @passbox boxtypes Box code list
    • @passbox status List currently “passed” boxes
    • @passbox reset Reset all box passes
  • @dogexp Shows your Ohka pup’s exp (requires dog equipped)
  • @crystals Shows how many crystals you have
  • @toggle
    • @toggle ignorehead Make your coin head invisible
    • @toggle ignoremini Make your coin mini invisible
    • @toggle boxdrops Your box pickups have a chance to be from other BOT types (requires BOX-Swapper coupon)
    • @toggle autosell Non-rare pickups are automatically sold (requires Autosell coupon)
    • @toggle elitestash Enable 50 storage spaces for elite and transmog parts (requires Elite stash)
  • @stashset < 1-5 > Cycle between stashes (requires extra stashes)
  • @quests Lists avalable quests
  • @quest <number> Show quest details

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