Guns are around throughout every Sector map and come in many different models. Special versions can also be earned from quests or bought from the shop. They can be fired from a distance and repeatedly fired to stunlock enemies. Damage, ammo and recharge vary greatly amongst the guns. Damage also has a slight knockback on impact, and knocks over players in PvP and all untransformed enemies in Base mode.

Rare Guns

In order - Joy, Justice, Spirit & Snowstorm. These guns are found in specific Sector maps with extremely low drop chances. They are all banned outside of PvE.


Joy launches a slow moving happy-faced projectile for massive damage. Joy very rarely drops some midgame and endgame maps. 455 base damage, 15 ammo & 2 recharge,


Justice lays mines that expire after a very short period of time and inflict the highest damage of all guns in the game. Justice very rarely drops in all maps. 815 damage, 6 ammo & 2 recharge.


Spirit is the most powerful general use gun in the game and can very rarely drop in lategame maps. 235 damage, 40 ammo & 10 recharge.


Snowstorm is rarely found in the Mera ranges and is uniquely made to infinitely pelt enemies with snowballs. 85 damage, 75 ammo & 12 recharge.

Hydra Cannon

Regarded as the buyable version of Spirit in terms of power, Hydra Cannon fires slow & powerful beams of energy and is purchased from the shop for 225,000 gigas. 275 damage, 35 ammo & 8 recharge.

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