Flags are posted on the back of your BOT in two separate slots. There are Flags that can only equip in the first slot and the same goes for the second slot, meaning you cannot buy two of the same Flag - however there is always a matching Flag to form a pair aesthetically. Flags are a primary source of TransAttack, TransDefense or TransSpeed.

There are currently no rare or event Flags in the game and they can only be obtained from the shop - however, players who have achieved certain feats in the game have been awarded custom Flags that represent their personality. Administrators can change the stats of these Flags at the request of the user. Currently, every custom Flag in the game awarded is listed as follows;

  • Goast for being the first player to reach Lv100 in the open beta.
  • GM BlueJay for going above and beyond to assist the Administrators with the development of Ohka BOTS.

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