How to install
  1. Download the executable. 2. Run it. 3. Follow the instructions on screen. 4. Find OhkaPatcher.exe (should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ohka BOTS folder) _ Currently Ohka BOTS is not added to the start menu, so locating it through the file explorer is the only way! 5. Run OhkaPatcher.exe 6. Wait for a confirmation box to appear _ If you do not see one after ~15 seconds, make sure that there are no windows covering it. 7. Re-open the file

You can now create a shortcut to your desktop for easier launching.


As many of you will soon notice, certain Antivirus programs (especially Microsoft’s Windows Defender) don’t like some files in our game. Namely, they believe ohka.dat, ohkapatcher.exe and ohkapatcher.dmy to be malicious files. In truth this is a false-positive result as these files modify an active process in the memory - the game itself - and any antivirus will believe that this is a threat. Be sure to make backups of these files, or re-run the installer again, after you have excluded the folder. The way to go around this (apart from deactivating your Antivirus - which we don’t recommend), is adding the game folder to the exception list of your Antivirus. You can find detailed steps on Google or below:


Basic controls

= Move V = Attack C = Jump X = Guard Z = Transform

Further controls

Double click arrow keys: Run X+C = Active Skill X+V = Fire Gun V (Mid-air) = Jump attack V (Running) = Running attack

Bot classes

The three Bots specialize in their own stats, which will be detailed further below. However, you can customize your Bot with different gear to be effective with different stats.

  • Patch The Patch specializes in destroying transformed players, Bases and boss Viruses(special health bar), being able to deal and tank the most damage from those enemies through its Trans Attack and Trans Defense gained when upgrading its armor. Patch is the tankiest of the three Bots and has the highest chance of landing a Critical hit. Its weight makes it very adept at the Uppercut skill.
  • Ram The Ram is based on transformation and adaptability. Ram has the highest damage of the three Bots in and out of transformation, while also being able to transform the quickest through its Trans Speed and stay transformed for the longest through its Trans Gauge. Ram also gains the Special Transformation stat, allowing it to randomly transform into one of the Virus bosses if a Trans-Pack is not equipped. Despite having decent health, the highest damage and the best transformation stats, Ram lacks any true defensive stats and doesn’t have specialized strengths outside of transformation.
  • Surge The Surge is the fastest of the Bots, gaining Speed as it grows more powerful and a higher Evasion stat, allowing it to dodge attacks that would normally knock it down. Surge packs the most firepower, with its upgrades improving its damage with all Guns. Surge may escape and evade far more attacks than the other Bots while dealing more gun damage, but its weakness lies in having the lowest base damage and health of the three Bots.


  • Sector Sector is the Story-based PvE mode. Take your Bot through the Virus-invested maps to gain XP and loot gear.
  • PvP Test your Bots strength and your own skill vs other players in free-for-all or team-based combat.
  • Base In Base mode, two teams compete to destroy each others’ Bases. The Base is armed with its own turret to defend itself and each player may bring two Mercenaries (purchased from the Shop) into the battle. Canisters (HP/Recharge etc) drop when Mercenaries are killed. Players and Mercenaries have five lives each and each team can have up to four players.


  • Gigas Always earned by playing and earned by selling most things to the Shop. Gigas is the main tradeable currency and is used to buy various items from the Shop.
  • Coins The purchasable currency that is also earned by finding Gold Bars in Sector & Base and selling them to the shop. Coins are not tradeable and are used to buy many items in the Shop.
  • Bot-Stract Bot-Stract does not currently have a use, but there are plans for it in the future. Bot-Stract is gained from Bots exploding in PvP and Base.

Skill packs

Skill packs are items purchased from the shop that exist in two forms. One is an active, where your X+C will activate a damaging skill with various effect. The other is passive, where abilities your Bot already has are influenced in some way. They ultimately influence your gameplay patterns and work differently based on your Bot class and stats. We plan to combine all active Skill packs in the future.


  • Rush Charge forward, dealing damage in a line.
  • Uppercut Launch upwards, dealing damage in front and above you.
  • Ion Wave Slam the ground, dealing damage in a 360 radius around you. Jump beforehand for a greater area of effect.
  • Guard Crush Repeatedly attack in front of you with strikes that cannot be blocked while stationary. Guard Crush can permanently stun weaker monsters, but has very little area of effect and cannot be spammed against Bots or boss Viruses.
  • Stun Attack Charge up and deal damage in front of you, stunning whatever enemy you damage.


  • Counter Attack While blocking, you are invincible to damage in the direction you are facing and launch a small counter attack when you block an attack, dealing damage in front of you. Counter Attack can critically strike. Enemies who would be able to kill you through your block will also kill you through your Counter Attack, so keep that in mind when your health is low.
  • Charge Hold Z to charge up your trans bar.
  • Break-Fall Decreases time knocked down.
  • Shock-Absorb Decreases time stunned.
  • Super-Brake Increase halt speed.
  • Smart-Defense Grants the ability to rotate your Bots direction while blocking.
  • Mobility Boost (Coin skill) Includes Break-Fall, Shock-Absorb, Smart-Defense and Super-Break in one skill.


  • HP Your health points.
  • Critical The ability to deal greater damage and launch an enemy backwards. Only the fourth attack of a combo and Counter Attack can critically strike. Critical Strike works on a percentage out of 1,000, meaning if you have 400 Critical, your Critical strike chance is 40%. You cannot critically strike while transformed.
  • Trans Attack Increases damage to transformed Bots and ‘transformed’ boss Viruses (special striped health bar).
  • Trans Defense Reduces damage taken by transformed Bots and ‘transformed’ boss Viruses (special striped health bar).
  • Trans Speed Decreases time that it takes for your Bot to transform once you’ve hit the transform button.
  • Evade Increases chances of dodging all damage from any attack that can knock you down. Evade works on a percentage out of 1,000, meaning if you have 400 Evade, your Evade chance is 40%.
  • Speed The rate at which your Bot walks and runs. Speed varies across the different transformations but it is still influenced by how much you have. It also increases jump distance, allowing Bots to maneuver maps easier.
  • Ranged Attack Increases all damage from any gun you fire.
  • Trans Gauge Increases the time your Bot stays transformed.
  • Special Trans Increases your chance of transforming into a special Virus boss when a trans-pack is not equipped. Special Trans also works on a percentage out of 1,000, meaning if you have 400 Special Trans, you have a 40% chance of getting a special transform.
  • Luck Increases chance of finding loot.

Advanced Mechanics, Maneuvers and Controls

  • Movement Buffering You can buffer your movement in mid-air by double-tapping the arrow keys, meaning you can start running as soon as you land from falling or jumping.
  • Block “Glitch” When a jump attack is successfully blocked by a player, you are invulnerable to more jump attacks from that player and they will have to basic attack, run attack, use a skill or shoot to break your guard.
  • Sidewind Changing your Bots direction right as your jump attack hits to get around a players’ block.
  • Holodeck interactions Rush can be spammed to break Holodeck glass faster, and Ion Wave deals double damage to glass.
  • Stuns When attacked by multiple damage sources from different directions, a Bot or Virus will be stunned after being knocked down. A regular attack will launch a stunned player a further distance than normal.
  • Holding Trans You can Rush or block to keep your Bot from transforming, allowing you to hold it for a better moment but opening yourself up to potentially have it cancelled by knockdown.
  • Infinite Combo Rather than completing the standard V+V+V+V combo, you can V+V+V+X to reset your combo and infinitely attack weaker enemies. This does not work on Players as they will always be knocked down the fourth time they’re hit by a combination move, and most bosses will counter after 3-6 attacks.

(may be out of date, please check the discord server for the newest version)

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